Fluid drying in boxes

Drying soaked seeds and pellets fluid in boxes


ABC Processor
Drawer dryer
For fluid drying in boxes


Drying installation for fluid drying of batches (soaked) seed and pellets in special drying boxes. The installation consist of dryingsections and a central hybrid air-dryer by condensation and adsorption.


The box will be placed into the drying section. Each box place is provided wit a fan. Dry air will be pushed through every individual box to make the product fluid and to dry homogeneous. The outlet for each box place has a T°+HR sensor to measure outcoming moistcontent. When this air is damp, it will be blown to outside. When this air is dry, it will be recycled.
High-pressure fan with flow sensor
for each box place.
Outlet with T°+HR sensor to control the process.


Box for wet seed is provided with cover to avoid blowing out of the seed. Wet seed completely fluid.
Seed pellets (up to 4 milj. per box) drying like little volcano’s; fast but with care. Loose seed spread over the pellets to illustrate the volcano’s.


As an option each box place will be provided with a hot water radiator. Per phase the desired T° can beprogrammed individually; drying can start with high temperature because of all the moist to be dehydrated.

Process to be programmed and controlled by a control panel with touchscreen and ABC software. LED-lamps per box place for direct indication of the phase (blue last phase, white drying is ready).




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