Box drying installations

Efficient drying of seed in boxes with processors for automatically drying to the desired moist content level.

ABC Processor
Drawer dryer
For standard box drying


Stacking 2-3-4-5 or 6 boxes. Using height gives maximum drying volume on minimum floor space; more drying capacity! The openings in front of the air distribution system are on position of each boxpallet.
Extraction outdoor air from the back by an opening in the wall. Recycling indoor air when outdoor is to moisty.
Pallet bottom closed by 9mm plywood.
Difference in thickness between plywood andhardwood plank.
Difference makes openings between boxlayers for escaping moistair on each layer.
Boxes are place in front and on top of each other.
A fan extracts outdoor or indoor air. Air will be heated or dried and distributed over the box levels.
Dry air extracts moist from the product and moist air escapes per layer out of the product.


 Axial fan Centrifugal fan 
Protection grill (option) Protection grating (option) 


Example of installation for 2 rows of boxes, 5 boxes high with central heating.


Overview drying installation for 2 sections with central heating. Extraction fresh air by 1 central
duct and 1 inlet by a grating
in the sidewall.
Example of a boiler for central heating of 2 sections. Connection of tubes to the radiator
inside the air distribution system.
Outlet of moist air out of the product between the box levels. Measuring T°+HR of out coming air witch is related to the product.
Example drying box with double pallets: ventilation and transport. Box with plywood with coating. Example of box from meranti
plywood with larger size; different sizes are possible.


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