With the ABC process computer we invite you to challenge us with special wishes. It will be surpricing how many possibilities we can provide for an optimal, company focused, climate control.




The ABC process computer is especially build for your company’s situation.

The ABC process computer is composed of loose modules which are connected through a network; there is almost no restriction in the number of cells, sections, measurements and equipment you want to control. You can see all measuring data of the product at a single glance, as well as the channel, room and outside conditions. Furthermore, you will have a direct overview on the status of the fans, the gas burners and the position of the hatches.


Use the touch screen to consult to measurement- and settings pages directly. There you can set the control values for every device very easily. On several schematic display pages, the current measuring values of, for instance, the outer channel and product temperature are reproduced.


Every processor setting can be reached through the ‘i' button. Here the function of the setting is indicated, as well as the reason why a certain action takes place.


ABC for seeds

ABC for bulbs

ABC for onions & potatoes



• Provided with the newest control systems
• Financially interesting, even for smaller installations
• Flexible to customer wishes

• Easy to expand the system 
• User friendly