Drying and storage boxes for seed

High drying box for coarse seeds and rough seeds on straw. Drying boxes for small seeds;
2/3 high (top) or half-high boxes (right side). Corner post and middle brace are mounted outside; this means no extra gaps inside of the box

Drying boxes made out of waterresistant board; several models and dimensions

Drying boxes with extra top edge



Corner post and brace inside of the box means extra gaps. Seeds will stick in these gaps. Extra cleaning work to avoid contamination.


Big surface will increase drying speed with enough volume. (up to 2m3 with 60cm seed layer).

Higher pallet will decrease the air resistance. In case of high airstream an optimal air distribution to all box layers.




Above: Drying box with slatted base with fine screen on top.

Right: Drying box with grid and fine screen on top. 100% breathable.

  Drying box with slatted base with finescreen on top.


Above: Drying box with perforated screen for coarse seeds (beans, maize, etc)


Right: Closed storage box



Left: Boxes can be piled Pallets up; space saving.


Above: Pallet with steel protection.

With extra provision, pallet can be turn over by fork lift truck on a safe way. Box cannot move between the pile. The pallet cannot be damaged. Smoothly seed dosing. 


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