Flat Screen Sizer Unit

Flat Screen Sizer Unit for seed - Agratechniek from Agratechniek BV.


The segmentation of the seeds is done by flat screen sizers which are provided with sieve frames with electric vibration motors.


The vibration motors take care for an excellent movement of the sieve frame and this result in a very accurate seed size segmentation. One sieve frame can hold 2 sieves. This can be sieves with round or slotted perforation.


By placing the flat screen sizers in line, seed lots can be calibrated in 3,5,7 or more fractions at once.


The dimensions of the sieving plate can be:

1000 x 400 mm.

1260 x 1000 mm.

1510 x 1000 mm.


Other sizes available. The screens are made with round and slotted holes.


Flat screen sizer 1000 mm wide with box tipple unit for 7 fractions Small flats screen sizer 400 mm wide for 3 fractions. Used for laboratory seed cleaning and pellets


Seed Supply:

Seed can be supplied by hopper bins or with a box tipple unit. The seed supply unit for hopper bins can hold 4 hopper bins. The seed supply is done by a feeding belt. The speed of the dosing belt is adjustable. This result in a very smooth and uniform seed supply. The seed supply can also be done by a box tipple unit. The tipple unit can empty different kind of storage bins. The seeds will be collected in a funnel shape bin and from there dosed to the sizer by a dosing belt.


Box Tipple unit Continues seed supply by vacuum systems on a hopper bin.

Seed supply belt hopper bin installation.


* Double hopper bin supply unit have two small dosing funnels.

** Box tipple supply unit have one larger dosing funnel.

The hopper bins on top dose the seeds in the lower hopper bins. From there seeds will be transported by a belt to the flat screen sizer.



Sieve frame:

The sieve frame stand on four air shock absorbers and two vibration motors take care for the movement of the sieve frame. This combination result in an excellent movement of the sieve frame and a very good and accurate calibration process. Other real benefit is that the flat screen sizer is very quiet and that the main frame does not vibrate and send no vibrations to the floor.


Two vibration motors are mounted on the sieve frame Sieve frame is mounted on four air shock absorber Pneumatic cylinders lock the sieves automatically in the sieve frame



Sieve plate is 100 cm wide. High capacity with excellent accuracy will be a achieved because of the big screen surface.


Capacity numbers:

Crop Capacity* Accuracy
Radish 490 kg/hour 99.8%
Cabbage 120 kg/hour 99.8%
Leek 130 kg/hour 99.8%
Spinach 180 kg/hour 99.8%
Carrot 180 kg/hour 99.8%
Beet 145 kg/hour 99.8%

*Note: Capacity is specified by an accuracy of 99.8%



Three flat screen sizers placed in line / seed supply by 90° supply belt



  • High capacity
  • Short set up time
  • Easy to clean
  • Low noise calibration process
  • Segmentation in 3,5,7 or more fractions
  • Easy to operate
  • 24 hours process possible
  • Good dust protection system


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