AMS sensor for efficient measurement of moisture content

When using the AMS sensor in combination with the ABC processor, you are able to check the moisture content of the(incoming) seed easily. After the measurement you will receive information directly concerning the moisture contentof the seed and if it complies with the standards. All measurement values are automatically registered and logged onyour PC.


Introduce the AMS sensor into the seed to measurethe temperature and the RH of the air around theseed, and calculate the Absolute moisture content(AH) of the air. Press 'Start' and the measurement ofthe sensor is activated.The AH value of the air is compared to the configuredAH value at which the moisture in the seed is inequilibrium with the air (equilibrium moisturecontent). The operator receives information directlyto know if the seed has been dried sufficiently,thanks to the color of the LED lamp.


AMS sensor for seed with connection to ABC processor.

Measurement of RH+T° at the tip of the sensor.

ABC touchscreen. Overview configuration and measured values.


Enter the desired AH on the ABC processor. Furthermore, enterthe maximum tolerance and the minimum AH. After themeasurement values (RH and T°) are stabilised, the AH will becompared to the desired AH, and the result will be displayed:

  • Red: too much moisture
  • Orange: moist but within the limits of tolerance
  • Green: desired value
  • White: too dry


The measurement values can be read from the ABC touchscreenand can be displayed directly on your PC, using the PC software.


At the top of the sensor, a double electronically T°+RH sensor is placed. The sensor is protected by a fine stainless steel filter. A blunt tip enables the sensor to be introduced into the seed easily, without damaging the seed.


Note: the sensor has a high accuracy thank to the double electronically measurement. The ABC processor is used to inform when one of the measurement elements has a defect.

All measurement values are displayed directly on the touchscreen and as a graphic on the PC. All the measurement values can be saved as an Excel archive for general use.


Using the ABC-PC software, the measurement values are directly available online to share the information with the responsible parties.


Why AH and not only RH?

The equilibrium moisture content of seed is mostly determined at 25°C (77°F). In combination with the measured RH, the moisture content in the air is calculated; With a desired RH of 40%, the air at 25°C (77°F) contains 8 grams of moisture. When the T° decreases or increases, the RH of the air changes; The RH of this air decreases to 30% when the temperature increases to 30°C (86°F) and the RH increases to ca. 55% when the temperature decreases to 20°C (68°F). The seed does stay in equilibrium during the various RH values, thanks to the constant AH. Only RH measurement is not sufficient. The AH gives a reliable value.


Table with moisture content (AH), with measured RH and T°.


The advantages:

  • Simultaneous measurement of moisture contents of all incoming seed lots, using several AMS sensors.
  • High reliability thanks to direct registration of the measurement values.
  • Time and cost effective; no waiting periods or manual processing of the forms with measurement results.
  • Information directly online to the responsible parties, thanks to ABC PC software.


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