Seed drying with a static drying process

The drying process can take place in various steps (stages). The temperature and speed of moisture absorption can be configured per stage. 







In the static drying cabinet, the seeds are dried and conditioned in bulk in trays or in little bags.  The air will blow through the seed in bulk with a light flow (in the trays) or through the baskets with little bags.


An electrical heating element in combination with a direct expansion cooler will ensure that the desired temperature and moisture content (tot ca 5 gr/kg; 30% RH at 25°C) inside the cabinet is reached and maintained. To gradually reach the low absolute moisture content (1,5 gr/kg; 15% at 15ºC), it is possible to also install an adsorption dryer.


The entire proces is controlled with the ABC processor which is provided with a touchscreen. One ABC processor/touchscreen can operate several drying cabinets. Use the ABC processor to configure the air circulation, the temperature and the desired moisture content per phase. When a drying menu has been configured, this can be saved as a pre-set. The corresponding menu can be called up again easily. All settings and measurement values can be saved to your pc using the ABC pc program. These values can be called up again in a graphic or table for analysis. This makes it possible to, if needed or desired, have a tailored adjustment of the processes (pre-sets).


Furthermore there is an sms module to send an sms in case of emergencies, and a MCM module for operation and monitoring (including graphics) from your smartphone or tablet.


The ABC guard thermostats will intervene when the temperature in the cabinet becomes too high or too high. All equipment will be shut down to prevent damage, followed by an alarm. After the alarm, an sms message with detailled information can be send to the responsible persons.





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