Pre-sets for loading standard menus

To make the settings easier, an ABC processor has the possibility to load pre-set menus. These menus can be made in cooperation with all specialists at your company and attached to a seed variety. This makes it easier for the operator to make the settings without any mistakes;

  • Select the pre-set menu
  • Put in the number of boxes (depending the type of installation).


Page to make the pre-set; all settings can be done as required. Save the new settings as a new menu number: "Save as preset nr.      12"



The basis was pre-set number 9. The modifications in menu 9 will be saved as menu 12.


The operator can choose now menu 12 and load it as desired settings:



All settings from menu 12 are loaded: "Settings same as preset".

After controlling the air-capacity, the operator only selects the advised pre-set number an than directly starts the drying with the correct settings. The manager can check easily the settings by the loaded pre-set number and on manual modifications:

No modifications on loaded pre-set or modifications on loaded pre-sets have been made.


The desired airflow will be set with the pre-setting. The airflow can also being set manually.



"Fan on/off" Standard swiched `On’. Only for `Pause’ (check seed) set `Off’.


"Type of airflow regulation drying       Flow"


The capacity of the fan can be controled by:


  • m³/h air per box.
  • Calculation;  "Number of boxes" x "Airflow per box" = Desired Airflow


  • 0-100% stearing of frequency control
  • Setting: "Cap %" 



Click on flow:

Choose "Flow" or "Capacity"




"1000 M3          100%          200000 M3        17540 M3"

  • `Drying’ is active and `Flow’has been choosen; at airflow per box for drying
  • 20 boxes X 1000M3 = 20000M3
  • Measured 17540M3, but stearing to +/- 200M3 of desired airflow.


With `airflow regulations’ on `flow’, the operator only set the number of boxes!


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