The cultivation of flower bulbs demands functional and durable boxes. Agratechniek listens closely to the users and manufactures these perfect boxes from selected timber and plate materials. You can choose from various versions in several standard sizes. Of course, we also make boxes to measure, according to your own specifications. Because your boxes must form a good operational unit with your air-distribution system. 


Bloembollen kist Agratechniek Exportkisten Bloembollen kist Agratechniek
Ventilation boxes Export boxes Closed boxes

Manufacturing details:
The Meranti plating is glued using WBP and assembled using galvanized rivets. All boxes have a black chalk area and bear your company name.

Agratechniek has amassed a wealth of experience in drying and storage techniques in the flower-bulb sector over more than 25 years. Should you have special requirements, questions or ideas, our advisers would be very pleased to think along with you - you will be assured of their expert and well-founded advice.