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Vegetable seed production


Zaad Agratechniek


Zaad Agratechniek


Zaad Agratechniek


Seed packing

Seed mixer

The mixer is a horizontal drum mixer, with inner blades, identical in form to slides.

The material flows through the inlet opening into the mixing chamber. When all the product is loaded the mixing process start. Product slips over the blades. The flow pattern resembles a kind of threedimensional fit, where each individual particle follows its own path.


Because there is no stationary segments, there is no risk for separation. All components are continuously and randomly picked up and moved through the drum. After the mixing time the valve opens and mixing chamber will be discharged automatically. The mixed can be collected in a box, big bag or other storage bin. The average loading and unloading time are both in average no more than 1-3 minutes. Most products are in a time of 1-3 minutes completely mixed with an equal distribution of all components throughout the batch.

• High mixing quality in very short time thanks to the unique blade system.
• A mixing time of 1-3 minutes is the rule rather than exception.
• Suitable for sensitive fracture, mechanically or chemically unstable products by the absence of shear forces
• No friction heat.
• Quick and easy to clean, because through the shutter all parts of the mixer are easy to reach.


Self discharge: Because of the shape of the blades no product remain in the mixer after emptying.

  Inlet Outlet Hatch easy to open
for inspaction

• Flexible for batches of different sizes. By a ± 5% filling as well as with 100% filling, a rapid homogeneous mixing is achieved.

• No separation; by this rotation principle mixtures of heavy with light components remain well mixed, even at longer turn times.

• Very efficient in energy consumption, up to 97% more economical than normal mixers.

• Optimal capacity in combination with vacuum transport and funnel.

  Mixers 70 - 25000 liter
Mixing installation into big bags Arrangement for conduct of tests
Seed mixers